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Windows Mobile Wiki 1.12.1

Create a Wiki of notes on your Pocket PC

The application provides a text box for entering notes into. Wiki-style markup language can be used to format the notes, and the left 'soft-key' can be used to toggle between a 'View' and 'Edit' mode.

The application uses standard Windows Pocket Internet Explorer to view the wiki pages. Clicking on a link to a page which does not exist automatically creates a new page. Wiki pages can be stored either on the phone memory, or on a removable storage card.

Features of the program include:

Simple markup

The wiki parser uses very simple markup language, allowing headings, bullet lists, numbered lists, code listings, horizontal lines and tables, to be quickly and easily included


Link to wiki pages, sections within wiki pages, or external web pages


New pages are created based upon a user-defined template - allowing all pages to have a common menu header or footer with no extra typing

Customisable look

The appearance of the wiki is based on a user-editable CSS style sheet -

giving the user total control over font size, style, colour, margins, borders and more. A template stylesheet is included

Customisable syntax

Unwanted markup types can be disabled, and preferences allow the way that syntax is applied to be configured


By default, a directory which is sync'ed by ActiveSync is used, allowing a wiki to be edited on both a PC and PDA. With a third-party sync utility (such as freeware MobSync), any location, including directories on a Storage Card, can be used

Page management

Pages can be deleted, and a Recycle bin allows pages deleted accidentally to be restored. Pages can also be moved between different wikis

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Windows Mobile Wiki 1.12.1